Effective Forestry Planning

Gain a competitive advantage with better data for planning. Improve woodlot selection, road planning and harvest scheduling.

Accurate Forest Models

Our precision is less than 0.5m for tree location, elevation contours and boundary mapping. Create precise profitable strategies.

Science Based Approach

Samples and high level estimations are good enough for many applications. When it comes to harvesting and lot assessments, high resolution data is invaluable.

Our Vision

Our intention is to provide innovative technology to the forestry Industry, allowing the most sustainable management practices to applied based on the current forest dynamic.

At AerialBEST we specialize in forest inventory data collection through remotely piloted aircraft systems to provide our clients a new perspective on forest management. Managing vast areas of forest, while maintaining enhanced data has made AerialBEST the number one choice for forest data collection. Our role is to provide you, the forest manger, harvester, consultant, landowner…etc. the information you need to evaluate the best management practice based on individual forest plots.

RPAS data collection methods have enhanced forest metric data collection providing detailed and accurate forest inventory information. Low flying RPAS allow our proprietary software to detect individual tree metrics across forest plot enabling forest managers to apply sustainable management strategies based on the new perspective AerialBEST provides them.

Why Choose a Digital Forest Inventory?


Avoid potential hazards posed by traditional forestry inventory methods.

Safety Drone Our HD Drone

Selective Harvesting

Individual trees are geo located allowing harvesters to select highest valued trees from the plot.

Stand borders according to trees Stand borders according to trees

Real Time Data

With forest dynamics constantly changing aerialbest collects current data allowing clients to manage stands more effectively

Stand borders according to trees Total stem volume

Micro stand Inventory

UAVs have allowed for high resolution data to be collected providing detailed information pertaining to individual trees within a plot.

Stand borders according to trees All trees interpreted, 64,000 trees

Environmentally Responsible

Allows data to be collect in environmentally sensitive areas with no human disturbance.

Growth Analysis

Annual data can be collected and compared to previous data showing yearly growth rate.

Species Classification

Using a remotely piloted aircraft system AerialBEST can fly at low altitudes to acquire high resolution images allowing our software to individually identify tree species. The images gathered can be processed quickly providing current inventory of the focus plot.

Stand Species Classification Green=Pine, Blue=Spruce, Red=Birch (Click to enlarge)

Canopy Height Model

Generated forest models allow AerialBEST to extract individual canopy heights within a stand allowing forest managers to predetermine whether forest characteristics match the mills specifications.

Stand Canopy Heights Stand Canopy Heights

Forest Management

AerialBEST responsibility is to supply you the forest manager, landowner, consultant with the data you need to make accurate and sustainable management decisions. As facilitators of data we can provide current accurate forest inventory models that can be interpreted by forestry professionals.

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Levels of Enhanced Forestry Inventory Data

Choose the services that meet your current strategic phase

Stand Species Classification

Level 1

Species Classification

Identify individual species within a forest stand

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Stand Species Classification

Level 2

Tree Inventory

Acquire individual tree metrics for better forest management planning

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Stand Species Classification

Level 3

Terrain Mapping & Road Planning

Using inventory data and digital terrain models, harvesting practices can be made more efficient and profitable

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The concept of managing thousands upon thousands of hectares of forest can be a daunting task.
Determining tree types, potential yields and a cost-effective way to harvest can tremendously impact the profitability.
Imagine having data on each tree to be harvested.
Knowing its GPS location, tree type, height, crown, and potential yield. Couple that with highly accurate terrain contours allowing for the proper selection of roads for harvesting.

Our Services

Consultation & Planning

AerialBest develops a plan based on individual client’s data requirements. Preflight boundaries are determined to ensure complete encapsulation of the forest stand is captured.

Data Acquisition

Remotely piloted aircraft systems allow for aerial imagery to be collected at a high resolution. Depending on data quality standards imagery resolution is between 2.5- 5 cm per pixel providing greater detail then satellite or other aerial photography.

Data Processing

Both LiDAR and aerial imagery is processed through proprietary software to a level specified by the client.

Enhanced Forestry Inventory

AerialBest processes up to date data providing current forest metrics of individual trees within a plot such as canopy models, height, species, DBH …etc.

Forest Modeling and Reporting

Digitized forest models provide a different perspective for forest managers allowing them to have detailed information on individual trees/complete stand information which would otherwise take weeks to complete with traditional methods.


We Can Help Your Forestry Operation

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Our Professionals

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